In Velazca we are dedicated to tell stories through our clothes. With each piece we interweave teachings that allow our clients to connect with themselves and understand that each of them is a collection of experiences and teachings that have built them day by day and have driven them to be their best version.

We, we dress those better versions of women and girls that are built step by step, we are inspired by the security, intelligence and history of each one to remind them why their attractiveness and empower them through dress.

We design for future leaders and that is why each garment brings with it a process of textile dedication and experimentation whose elaboration can be a bit complex, but the result is empowering, unique and amazing, like them.

Our designer Mónica Bachué is a Colombian lawyer, specialized in international transport. Multiple events in her life led her to need to transmit and find a way to transform society through the language of fashion, so she moved to the United States where she began her Fashion Design career specialized in Fabrics at the Fashion Institute of Design. and Merchandising of Los Angeles.

Her desire to tell her story through the costumes led her to open her Velazca boutique in Pamplona, ​​Colombia in 2011 and in 2015 her branch in the historic center of Los Angeles. From her creative studies in Downtown Los Angeles and Pamplona Colombia, Monica experiments from the tissues creating pieces that provoke reflections and learning, garments that allow us to understand that every moment of life is just one more step to convert who uses them in its greatest potential.